Livia Rita is a young Swiss/London singer, designer and artist with an inexhaustible devotion to music, visual art and a progressive way of thinking.

Her eclectic musical style draws on a wide range of influences and genres spanning electronic, pop, experimental, classical and new wave styles. She subverts the listeners with each song, as wild, brutal textures meet vulnerable, otherworldly melodies in adventurous and emotional ways. 

Livia Rita explores avant-garde ways of performing her music through a strong visual identity formed of art fashion and stylised movement designed by herself. Together with a gang of dancers and a band lead by Tom McLuckie, it collides into a furious, unashamedly dreamy and tantalising live show; a surreal live 4D music video.
The performance is developed at the Barbican with mentoring of Lindsay Kemp and Lea Anderson. 

The debut album will be released in spring 2019.

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The Gang

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Tom McLuckie synthesiser arpodyssey arp odyssey synth nerd london new music composer pop experimental

Tom McLuckie

Tom McLuckie is producing Livia Rita's debut album.
He is also responsible for the live arrangements, the sounddesign and involved in the composition.
He is the synth wizard of London and plays keys in the band.

Eleni Papaioannou Elenipapaioannou dance tanz dancer london sunset art experimental Tänzerin tanzhaus Zurich

Eleni Papaioannou

She is a dancer and choreographer from Greece who has been with this project since the beginning at the Barbican.
She is one of the main dancers and intensely involved in creating the movements and visual image.

The bigger dance gang

Marysol Martin Del Castillo, Taylor Callum Danson, Maria Lothe, Danni Spooner, Jasmine Chiu, Fraser Buchanan, Monique Jonas, Riccardo Taracco, Angeliki Margeti, Melina Sofocleous, Monika Szpunar, Deniz Sahin, Laetitia Kohler, Jay Jule, Lucia Gugerli, Laura Lorenzi, Ray Prendergast, Ruby Portus, Severine Fletcher, Xanthe Wilson, Deniz Sahin, Lotta Sandborgh, Ali Heffetz, Aya Nakagawa, Joséphine Auffray, Eli Cohen

During touring, Livia Rita often involves local dancers.


The Artfashion Gang

Sarah Louise Renwick
Master of patterns & sewing

Sian Dormant
Texture Designer & Maker, Master of Latex

Diana Burch
Texture Designer & Maker

Eleanor Tipler
Master of Sewing

Olivia Wiles
Make-up & Fine Art

Imani Naghten
Make-up & Hair

Diandra Ferreira
Make-up & Hair

Daniella Dahoui
Jewellery Making

The Set gang

Jack Needell

Alice McCabe

Nila Michelle Germann




Anjali Prashar-Savoie

Claudia Graham

Scott Vennell


Previous Development

Tim Cowbury

Jonathan Grieve