Impressions of the work of Livia Rita.
Livia Rita sings, performs and creates the designs, the texts/lyrics, the music (with Tom McLuckie), the choreography (devised with her dancers called ‘Gang of Witches’), the overall concept and previously most of the production. To realise her visions, Livia Rita works with a couple of collaborators from all disciplines who form the ‘Avantgardeners Collective’.

Queer London Fashion Week, V&A Museum

Photos by Julia Hovve


Performance at Grow

Photo by Claudia Gschwend

Photo by Claudia Gschwend


Performance at Acud Macht Neu, Berlin

Photos by Nomadic by Choice

Photos by Nomadic by Choice


Performance at the Yard


Performance at VFD

Photos by Yasmine Akim


Performance at Sender, Zurich


DEAD ANGEL: Song / video & Art Fashion


Just Happier: Song / video & Art Fashion


Expired Crystal: Song / video & Art Fashion

Coming out in January 2019

Photos by Claudia Gschwend


Brexit Wedding rehearsal at the Total Refreshment Centre, 2017


Performance at Ugly Duck

Photos by Orlando Callegaro


Heart Tatto: Song / video & Art Fashion


Photos by Yasmine Akim


Photos by Laura Dyer


Heart Tattoo: Song / video & Art Fashion


Photos by Thomas Rosser

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