Visual impressions of the work. Livia Rita sings, creates the designs, lyrics, the music (with Tom McLuckie), the choreography (devised with her dancers called ‘Gang of Witches’) and the overall concept. To realise the ambitious visions, Livia Rita works with a couple of collaborators from all disciplines who form the ‘Avantgardeners Collective’.

Queer London Fashion Week, V&A Museum

Photos by Julia Hovve, September 2018

Premio Performance award nomination


Brexit wedding / Kissing futures

Photos by Michele Baron, eating roses is Jean Ocidio in their own outfit

Climate festival Performance

August 2019, Dancing are Simea Cavelti, Vanessa Wüst & Neil Höhener, production by Anne Sommer

Performance at Grow


Photos by Claudia Gschwend, October 2018


Performance at Acud Macht Neu, Berlin


Photos by Nomadic by Choice, October 2018


Performance at the Yard


Photo by Ulrike Schulz, March 2018


Performance at VFD

Photos by Yasmine Akim, 2018


Performance at Sender, Zurich


Photo by Lukas Heim, December 2018


Residency & Show Cabaret Voltaire
To be released

Photos by Isabelle Simone


DEAD ANGEL: Song / video & Art Fashion

DOP Lukas Graf, Edit Jonny Poole


Just Happier: Song / video & Art Fashion

DOP Ramon Königshausen, Edit Jonny Poole


Expired Crystal: Song / video & Art Fashion

To be released.

Photos by Claudia Gschwend, April 2018


Brexit Wedding rehearsal at the Total Refreshment Centre, 2017


Photos Rowan Kassab, Brexit Wedding the first, 2017


Performance at Ugly Duck

Photos by Orlando Callegaro, September 2017

DOP Taylan Mutaf


Heart Tatto: Song / video & Art Fashion


Photos by Yasmine Akim, DOP & Edit Jonny Poole


Photos by Laura Dyer


SUNSCAR: Song / video & Art Fashion


Photos by Thomas Rosser